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Sagar Pictures

Sagar Pictures is a motion picture and television production company and one of the leading creators in content for the Indian Screens, formed and headed by Mr. MOTI SAGAR - the youngest son of Late Dr. RAMANAND SAGAR.

After directing and producing influential and memorable television content such as the all time famous Ramayan(1987-1988), Shri Krishna(1993-1999) and Aankhen(2001-2003) on Doordarshan, Mr. MOTI SAGAR went on to make prime television shows for satellite channels of the time such as the Rajput-historical Prithviraj Chauhan, Sai Baba, Haatim and Hotel Kingston for Star Networks, Jai Shri Krishna and Mahavir Hanuman for Colors TV, Dharam Veer, Meera, Swami Narayan for Imagine and amongst others.

Along with a wide spread hold in television he produced the much acclaimed - first feature film of the company called "1971" which was directed by his son, Amrit Sagar. The film eventually went on to win the "National Award for the Best Hindi Feature Film of 2007".

In the year 2010, Sagar Pictures branched out under its sub division I AM Productions to produce non-fiction ventures for television such as the extremely controversial - dispute based show "Rakhi ka Insaaf" for Imagine and the family comedy Dekh Video Dekh (D.V.D.), an Indian home video based show for Colors TV, which was a pioneering first timer for Indian Television.

Sagar Pictures as a company is now currently producing Motion Pictures, Documentaries, along with content for the Stage and Television for the Indian and Global Markets respectively. The company is also currently underway making provisions for providing facilities for Sound Stages, Production Design services and Pre and Post Production facilities respectively.



Mr. Moti Sagar (the youngest son of late Dr. Ramanand Sagar) and Mr. Amrit Sagar (the eldest son of Mr. Moti Sagar and the grandson of late Dr. Ramanand Sagar) were active members of Sagar Art International

After working for Sagar Art International under the guidance of late Dr. Ramanand Sagar, in the year 2008, Mr. Moti Sagar and the other members of Sagar Pictures entertainment branched out to form a new media venture which came to be known as Sagar Pictures. The first enterprise by Sagar Pictures (under the brand subdivision of Sagar Pictures and Meenakshi Sagar Productions) was the extremely popular Mythological T.V. Series Jai Shri Krishna on Colours TV, which at the time along with the other shows was a key factor responsible for providing rich channel driving content from the year 2008 onwards.

Mr. Moti Sagar, having worked on multiple films such as Aankhen(Dharmendra, Mala Sinha), Charas(Dharmendra, Hema Malini), Geet(Rajendra Kumar) Lalkaar, Baadal and the classic TV series like the ever famous Ramayan, Krishna, Alif Laila, Aankhen etc on Doordarshan, Haatim, Hotel Kingston, Prithviraj Chauhan for Star Networks and with various other projects was a key factor in the growth of the Indian media and the Asian television medium entirely and eventually came to be known as one of the leading content producers of the country. Mr. Moti Sagar has also been a writer for various films along with being a leading director for all of the TV shows associated with Sagar Art International

Sagar Pictures is currently producing various TV series (Fiction and Non Fiction) for various networks and an array of Motion Pictures. Some of which are scheduled for release.


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    Mr. Moti Sagar, the youngest son of Dr. Ramanand Sagar, began working with his father and the respected company Sagar Art International

    Working alongside Dr. Ramanand Sagar as an assistant and associate director on many of his esteemed films, which include Geet, Lalkaar, Charas and many others, Moti Sagar developed his own style of artistry. While he worked with his father, he wrote his novels, which like his father gave his screen writing the essence of a literature enthusiast. He then went on to write scripts and screenplays for the screen for films such as Humrahi, Ram Bharose, Pyaara Dushman, Armaan and was an associate writer on Hits such as Charas, Lalkaar and the story-writer and producer for Baadal.

    After working as a writer, he then went on to direct various television shows which include the nostalgic Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniya, Epic Tv series Ramayana, Shri Krishna, Alif Laila and Aankhen on Doordarshan and soon along with and under the guidance of Dr. Ramanad Sagar, turning creative producer for shows such as Prithviraj Chauhan, Sai baba on Star Plus, Dharam Veer on Imagine, Aladdin on Zee TV, Jai Shri Krishna and various others.

    After working on more than 15 Motion Pictures and more than 20 TV enterprises, Mr. Moti Sagar along with his son Amrit Sagar formed the collective media venture which came to be known as Sagar Pictures.

    Moti Sagar is the Chairman of Sagar Pictures, MSA Television and I AM Productions respectively.

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    Vice Chairman

    Meenakshi Sagar, the daughter of Mr. Moti Sagar spearheads the operations and the marketing aspects of the company. After finishing her MBA in marketing, she simultaneously pursued her passion as a writer and was solely responsible for setting up various TV shows and films for Sagar Pictures and also for the previous company - Sagar Arts International.

    She was the sole driving factor on the hit TV series - Prithviraj Chauhan, which became the first show to break the monotony of the long running "soap dramas" on Indian Television. Along with that, she is an acclaimed writer for the screen and also a co-producer on all of the content produced by the company. She has penned scripts and screenplays for more than 25 shows, which include more than a 1000 episodes that have aired on various television networks.

    Meenakshi Sagar is the Vice Chairman of Sagar Pictures and currently heads the production and marketing and also the corporate operations of the company

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    Amrit Sagar

    Mr. Amrit Sagar studied at CCA California College of Arts completing his 4-year BFA in filmmaking. During the 4 years of his education, he won the all college honors award and the "Wood Malcom writing award". His shorts films were chosen for the Hartford Film School and the Student film festival Berkeley.

    After film school he came back to India and started working for television. His TV shows include Ankhen, Hatim, Hotel Kingston, Prithviraj Chauhan, Jai Shri Krishna, Meera, Rakhi Ka Insaaf, Dekh Video Dekh(D.V.D.) etc. All his TV shows combined have won over 70 awards in various categories, including the award for the Best TV Show continuously for 4 years.

    His first feature film 1971 based on true facts won him huge critical acclaim and also bagged 2 National Awards. One for best sound recording and the second was the prestigious "Best Hindi Feature Film" of the current year.

    He is currently directing and producing Motion Pictures and creatively heading the Television Production Wing of the company. Amrit Sagar is Mr. Moti Sagar's eldest son and the grandson of the Film and TV producer/director/writer Dr. Ramanand Sagar.

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    Sheela Sagar, Mr. Moti Sagar's wife, along with being the co-founder of Sagar Pictures currently heads the costume department of the company. Sheela Sagar started working as a costume designer under the guidance of Mr. Ramanand Sagar and has worked with him closely for nearly 10 years as a designer.

    She has designed the costumes for various shows such as Prithviraj Chauhan, Sai Baba, Dharam Veer, Aladin, Jai Shri Krishna, Meera, Dwarkadheesh Bhagwan Shri Krishna and various others, of which have landed her a hatrick, as a 3 time in a row - award winner at the Indian Television Academy (ITA awards) and twice in a row at the Telly awards for the "Best Costume Designing" and "Best stylist".

    She has also created costumes for the stage and has contributed greatly on the upcoming motion pictures.


    Mr. Akash Sagar Chopra, Mr. Moti Sagar's youngest son and the youngest grandson of Dr. Ramanand Sagar, began his Film and Television career at the young age of 11, as a Music Composer for Title Tracks for Television shows and Pilot episodes. His first film as a composer was the much-acclaimed "National Award" winner 1971. At the age of 16, he was the youngest composer to have ever composed music for a complete feature film at the time.

    During the course of his musical exposure, he took a keen interest in the Theatre and Stage as an Actor and began learning and training personally under stalwarts from the "National School of Drama" and soon went on to perform a production of a famous hindi satirical novel that was staged in the intimate theatrical form of a one man show called - "Sapne Chuttan Dube Ke - 1970" The play being his first, was much appreciated and earned rave reviews.

    Along with pursuing the performance arts simultaneously, he also directed and co-produced the extremely popular Television series - Mahavir Hanuman for Colors TV, which used never before seen Prosthetic Make up and Visual Effects for the Indian screens. The show went on to win all the "Best VFX" and "Best Make up" awards of the year, along with being nominated for the "Best Mythology/Historical" at the ITA Awards.

    Along with that, Akash has co-produced the various Non Fiction Shows like Rakhi Ka Insaaf for Imagine and Dekh Video Dekh(D.V.D.) for Colors TV. for Sagar Pictures, under the brand I AM Productions.

    Akash Sagar Chopra is currently Acting for the screen and is a co-producer in the Motion Pictures and Television Wing of the Company.